Monday, December 19, 2011

Sources and Guide to Themes in World History 500-1500 CE

This website serves as a link and guide to the themes we'll pursue in the World History survey course and also the Western Civilization survey course. 

 For students in the Western Civilization survey our main texts with links to the publisher's website are below:  

Barbara Rosenwein, A Short History of the Middle Ages, 3rd edition.for the HST 102 Class
     (Note:  use the study guide and maps with the publisher website)
Merry Weisner-Hanks.  Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789 for the HST 102 Class

For students in the World History sequence: 

Peter von Sivers et al., Patterns of World History (2nd Ed.) Oxford University Press.  The main link to online publisher's website and resource materials is found here:

A helpful guide to formatting your research paper is found here: 

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